Can I send a candle as a gift?
Yes! We would be honored to send a gift on your behalf. Change the shipping destination to the gift recipients address and let us know in the additional notes area if you'd like us to include a special note at no additional cost.  
How long do your candles last?
If proper care is taken to let the entire wax pool melt (see candle burning 101) and the wick is trimmed, you can expect the candle to burn 50-70 hours. It is recommended to burn the candle within 6 months of receiving it as no stabilizers are used. 
Do you offer bulk discounts for events/weddings/corporate gifts?
Yes, if more than 20 pieces are ordered. please contact us for information on bulk orders.
Would you donate for my event?
Being a small business, we cannot donate large amounts of candles for swag bags/etc. They can be purchased, however, at wholesale pricing. 
Can I return my candle?
Used candles cannot be returned or refunded, but we will replace or refund products that were damaged during shipping. please supply a photo within 7 days of delivery. You can also return your unused candle for a full refund of your purchase price, less shipping costs, within 7 days of delivery.  The customer is responsible for paying return shipping charges. 
Why does my candle have spots on the glass that look wet?

Shrinkage and air bubbles occur as the wax is cooling inside the glass. sometimes, part of the wax pulls away from the glassware and sticks to the container giving it this particular look. It is common and in no way affects the burn of the candle.