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native's year round fave candles

lip balm

these babies are super moisturizing and made from a super smooth blend of 100% naturally derived ingredients including: 

castor oil: used for thousands of years as a powerful natural treatment for a variety of health issues, derived from the seeds of the ricin's communis plant

olive oil: loaded with antioxidants + beneficial fatty acids 

beeswax: a moisturizing, natural humectant (it attracts water!) 

carnauba wax: derived from the wax of the leaves of the palm plant copernicia prunifera, moisturizing and emollient 

soybean oil: used in an array of cosmetics and well known and loved as an all natural emollient 

candelilla wax:  skin conditioning and rich in nutrients, it provides a wonderful gloss 

since this is a new adventure for me: I have gone pretty light on the "flavors" of these. most of us are wearing masks and don't need our lip balm knocking our socks off, so there is a minimal taste. 

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